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Cecilia M. Brennecke, M.D.

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Radiologist Cecilia M. Brennecke, M.D. is medical director at Johns Hopkins at Greenspring in Baltimore, Maryland. As a breast imaging specialist, she interprets mammography, performs ultrasound and breast MRI, conducts clinical breast exams, and performs the newest image-guided biopsy procedures.

Dr. Brennecke received her medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and completed her residency in radiology at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She has a fellowship in ultrasound.

"My expertise is in the clinical practice of breast diagnosis," she says. "I specialize in bringing the latest technology to the individual woman, discussing her options directly with her, and making sure she has access to all diagnostic tools available for the early detection of breast cancer."

Dr. Brenneke is honored by the opportunity to be on the Professional Advisory Board and describes as "a thorough, unbiased, complete source of information" for the woman with breast cancer. "I include the website when I discuss a breast cancer diagnosis with my patients," she adds.

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