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Becoming an Empowered Patient

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Marisa Weiss, M.D., chief medical officer, spoke with Lynn Jeffers, M.D., MBA, FACS, and Anne Peled, M.D., about their experience as dual citizens — both doctors and breast cancer patients — for a webinar. All three women have had breast cancer, which has influenced how they help and support their patients with firsthand knowledge of a diagnosis and treatment.

“I want to remind you that you deserve the best care possible. I understand the fear, stress, and doubt that accompanies a serious health issue like cancer and how hard it can be, sometimes, to trust in the treatment you’re receiving and the doctors you’ve chosen to take care of you,” said Dr. Weiss. “Finding empowerment through knowledge, clarity, and a supportive community is why I started over 20 years ago.”

In the webinar, Become an Empowered Patient: Advice from Doctors Who Had Breast Cancer, the doctors share what they learned during that transformative chapter in their lives and provide tips to encourage everyone to take an active part in their own care. They discuss ideas for how someone can improve communication with their doctors, prepare for appointments, be involved in shared decision-making, and advocate for their needs.

They answer your questions and discuss what they learned when they went from the role of healthcare provider to patient, sharing their unique perspective and actionable tips. You’ll hear how to:

  • better prepare for and get the most out of medical appointments
  • improve your partnership with your doctor and care team
  • feel more confident in shared decision-making about your care
  • become your own best advocate when managing your health

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