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Brand name: Vitrakvi

Chemical name: Larotrectinib

Class: Tyrosine receptor kinase (TRK) inhibitor. Vitrakvi is the only TRK inhibitor approved to treat breast cancer.

How it works: The NTRK gene can help a cancer grow. Not all cancers have the NTRK gene. Vitrakvi inhibits this gene, which can make the cancer stop growing.

Uses: Vitrakvi is approved to treat solid cancer tumors with an NTRK gene with no resistance to the gene, and:

  • the cancer is metastatic or is inoperable
  • there are no available treatments or the cancer has grown while being treated with standard therapy

Vitrakvi can be used to treat any solid cancers with an NTRK gene, including salivary gland, thyroid, lung, breast, and other cancers.

How it’s given: Vitrakvi comes in two forms:

  • a pill taken by mouth
  • a liquid taken by mouth

Side effects:

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