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Hormonal Therapy Side Effects Comparison Chart

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Getting the best breast cancer treatment can feel like a balancing act: you want to do as much as you can to get rid of the cancer and reduce the risk of it coming back. But you'd like to avoid uncomfortable side effects that might lower your quality of life.

When choosing a hormonal therapy medicine, you and your doctor will weigh the benefits and possible side effects of each one. Together, you will decide on a hormonal therapy treatment plan that's right for you and your unique situation.

The table below gives you a summary of some of the most common possible side effects of the different hormonal therapy medicines so you can do a general side-by-side comparison.

For more information on any of these side effects, visit the Treatment Side Effects section.

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Comparison chart of hormonal therapy side effects

  Arimidex Aromasin Femara Tamoxifen Evista Fareston Faslodex
bone/joint pain yes yes yes   yes yes  
osteoporosis yes yes yes        
bone thinning yes yes yes        
nausea yes   yes yes   yes yes
vomiting yes   yes       yes
hot flashes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
weakness yes yes          
fatigue yes yes yes yes      
headache   yes   yes     yes
insomnia   yes     yes    
increased sweating         yes yes  
dizziness     yes     yes  
drowsiness     yes        
higher cholesterol     yes        
weight gain     yes        
blood clots       yes yes    
stroke       yes yes    
endometrial cancer       yes   yes  
increased bone/tumor pain       yes   yes  
mood swings       yes   yes  
depression       yes      
hair thinning       yes      
constipation       yes     yes
dry skin       yes yes yes  
loss of libido       yes      
leg cramps         yes    
swelling         yes yes  
flu-like symptoms         yes    
hypercalcemia           yes  
rash           yes  
vaginal discharge/bleeding           yes  
vision problems           yes  
dry eyes           yes  
diarrhea             yes
sore throat             yes
back pain             yes
stomach/abdominal pain             yes
injection site pain             yes

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